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Alice Avatar n crystal ball


Well-Known Member
So little Alice has autism and uses her avatar to create a character from wonderland but in this here episode for children...we will create a new adventure where Alice can explore her sub-conscious mind.

In the beginning it was quite and dark, Alice stretches in her water bed and yawns. She reaches over for her crystal snow ball and shakes it, she gazed into ball as snow flakes begin to fall...it's like a dream where we skip to the end of Hansel and Gretel to happy ending and we have a home in the woods. The rest of the story was shrouded with catatonia that resulted in alexythemia!!

The memories are held in the crystal ball!!
Pls assist writing this therapy resource, ideas welcome. It's work from my PTSD and projecting my inner world into a character who assists me live out my dreams!!


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So here I interject my dreams of our family home, a warm fire representing love and understanding in our home. I work centred more on issues of attachment for now....but wish to tackle autistic red flags too!! Red flags are more advanced section as for now I'm still working through my avoidant attachment disorder!!


Well-Known Member
Having had hard time disagreeable with my father's authorities ways, I've defined being smacked over knuckles as discipline in old decade and not as abuse. Yet for me to validate my feelings is yet so difficult so in story of resident evil he is the laboratory supervisor and Alice who is much older is shaking in her test tube as she drops the crystal ball just as memories return. But he too comes from total recall and forever listens to piano pieces which Alice believes she hears in her dreams, but they encoded with secret messages and delayed time locks to open memories.
So in movie Alice needs to disobey the laboratory supervisor and express her will in order to validate her feelings about Hansel and Gretel and sugar witch.


Well-Known Member
Session 9 is the code name I've given to my life.....

Then high school memories are encoded in Linkin park song called numb and I relate to the music video and you watch her being bullied.

Followed by years of amnesia and then in the end I remix all my years into my end song that I love....



Well-Known Member
I just had to find my diary.....
So expressing emotions or asserting oneself is atypical autism issue, being forced into a routine similar to ABA or forcing one to adhere to 'forceful or abusive' instruction.
So first point I worked on was regain my ability to define boundaries and firmly and politely state what I actually feel comfortable with. It sounds odd but not just vocal I wasn't physically having a will of my own or opposing what I didn't like.
So abuse of a disabled person stunts developmental growth, and this was first observation was loosing my identity. Armed with avoidant info I began to dissect
So where was I masking and happy in doing so? Where was it autism and inability communicate inner feelings? Where was I numb and defenseless in being ordered around in the now and future.
So I created my cartoon character who was relating to external exampes I related to, and slowly began to relate these events to cartoon who is named Alice. This is internal work and takes time before gaining ground to assert oneself.
This is work I did creating various scenarios similar to Alice in Wonderland, so at the tea party she encounters the characters who don't stop to give her tea and integrate either red flags into characters or as currently the attachment issues to I as child can use Alice to re-learn to change patterns or recognise where I'm different and not fitting in, try to find positive ways of expressing my views without isolating myself too much.

It sounds really simple but it's re-programming the young mind back to healthier, and if not corrupted then fixing problem (neglect) earlier is beneficial than waiting until teen and issues really start. Making sense and treating attachment disorder. Helping to have a small voice again.
With red flags it's identifying differences, recognising oneself and learning communication, it's not changing the child thinking when hard wired differently.

Another problem is being conditioned to make others happy and neglecting oneself. And list goes on and on

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